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Often we present symptoms of detoxification during seasonal changes that many like to label as cold and flu, and consider it an illness. Help the body cleanse itself out naturally, with this Natural Antibiotic Tea. It will aid your bodies natural process rather than working against it.

AFFIRMATION: My body is healthy and clear of pathogens.

GOOD FOR: Blood sugar, Cardiovascular health, Digestion, Liver, Respiration, Weight loss

PROPERTIES: Anti-carcinogenic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, Anti-oxidant, Anti-viral, Detoxifier

INGREDIENTS (by weight): Black pepper 1 part, Cinnamon 3 parts, Garlic 4 parts, Ginger 4 parts, Rosemary 4 parts, Turmeric 4 parts

TO MAKE ANTI-BIOTIC DRINK: Add 1 tsp dry mixture to a cup of boiled water with juice of ½ lemon (or whole limon on Egypt). Sweeten with honey, stevia or black strap molasses if desired.

OPTIONAL: Add ½ tsp each fresh grated ginger and garlic for added strength if desired.

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