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We are in a time of great change, unmatched in its intensity and opportunity in our known recorded history. We are currently faced with an unprecedented assault on our bodies and our lives.

The inversion and weaponization of the environment, media, food, medicine, law enforcement and in fact every aspect of society, demands that we harness the highest and strongest versions of ourselves.

With knowledge, wisdom, informed right action and imagination, we can help transform and transmute old ways of manipulation and enslavement into a thriving future, based on co-creation, integrity, and abundance for all.

There IS a way to be healthy, centered and balanced throughout this global shift, and this book will help tend to the physical aspect of that for you and your loved ones.



Would you like to Detoxify from EMFs, radiation and chemical toxins?

Are you questioning the current narrative around health and wellbeing?

Have you or your loved ones taken ‘the shot’ and are noticing side effects?

The inversion and weaponisation of the environment, media, food, medical establishment and more, demands we arm ourselves with knowledge, wisdom, informed right action, and imagination.

There IS a way to be healthy, centred and balanced throughout what is fast becoming known as the Third World War, but we need to quit demanding someone else to fix things.

Collated from a bounty of information from doctors, scientific studies and health professionals, this book will help empower you to take the health of you and your loved ones into your own hands.

Give your body the support it needs to detoxify and heal itself, using health practices, food, supplements and inner work. This will be preferably with the aid of a natural health professional, but there is enough guidance to work on your own if needed.


There is significant alarm globally about ‘viral’ shedding, injuries and transmission of genetic material from medical procedures. Additionally our systems are flushing out (or trying to safely contain) toxins from the environment, food, water, household and industry. The focus of this book is to know how to help our bodies and minds navigate external stressors and detoxify from them with relative ease.


This is my personal guideline for a basic heavy metal cleanse which has evolved over years of working with my own health. Included are various Protocols from health professionals, to help clear toxins from medical interventions and the environment.


Being sensitive to EMFs, I am well aware of the detrimental health effects of Radiation on physical and mental health. This is closely linked to heavy metal toxicity so you will find many symptoms and treatments are similar to those from toxins. Find out about the effects of radiation, how to reduce it, and mitigate damage from it.


Clearing only one or two organs while ignoring the rest may be ineffective or even stressful to the body. This is an overview of all the ways our body recognizes, neutralizes and removes toxins, as well as the various ways we can assist this process – or at least get out of the way!


Explore ways to help optimize your various processes of detoxification such as through the skin, exhalation and exercise. This will assist your body’s natural ability to clean out heavy metals and other toxins.


Here you will find details of most of the supplements mentioned in the Detox Protocols, including benefits, sources, alerts, usage and scientific studies on their effects, so you can read about them if you desire.


It can be challenging to get decent nutrition from food, but not impossible! Foods from the Detoxification Protocols and some of those containing nutrients listed in the Supplements section are included here.


Recipes for healthy things to put on your face and in your face, made from ingredients that are probably already in your kitchen! If I receive enough requests for more ideas like this a recipe book may follow, so stay tuned!


As well as tending to the body through physical practises and nutrition, tending to the subconscious is all important to generate holistic wellness. You will find information on how to balance your sub conscious and energy bodies, as well as those of your ancestors, to ensure all the layers and levels of YOU are aligned with health and vitality.


Once you have a new toolkit for health, what do you do with it? Here is a brief guide on how to use the information presented in this publication, either with your health practitioner or on your own if you are creating your own health care plan.


The hardest part of working through all of this information as someone who is NOT academically minded – is all the terminology! So here you will find definitions to scientific terms, resources and links for further healthful exploration.


So if you are feeling the pull towards a more empowered sense of self care for you and your loved ones I invite you to join me on this exploration of self sustaining health and wellbeing.

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  1. ganesha (verified owner)

    “I’ve been reading the book by Tjoni J
    It’s blowing my mind. Just a perfect contained way of all the things that are in my mind since covid (except all the extra medical knowledge of course). Beautifully put really. I like the affirmations attached xxxx
    Thank you for sending it to me”

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